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Research & Development

Correct Gauge

This RPC cover is a correctly gauged. It uses less material without compromising the durability.

Easier to Handle

Less material means easier to handle (less weight) and easier to store.


Our team works to provide the smartest solutions for RPCs. This film stays on the container with stretchy material that wraps around the RPC corners.

Well Balanced Venting

The ventilation pattern allows for the right balance of sun protection and airflow for produce.

Easier to keep track of

It’s hard to take inventory of liners on rolls. Once they are taken off the pallet, it’s anybody’s guess where they go and tracking back to a purchase order is not easy. With our liners, counting up the boxes and tallying the total is easy. Better inventory counts mean less chance of running out of liners when you need them.

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Environmental Scorecard

Use less plastic

The experts at Chantler Packaging Inc. have developed the Sealtite® RPC cover use up to 50% less materials than a competitor’s product. This engineered solution allows for lower greenhouse gas emissions, creating a sustainable solution for your everyday RPC cover needs. Additionally, less material means less processing and shipping for you.

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Achieve your sustainability scorecard goals

Because they use less material, and the material is very environmentally friendly, our liners reduce waste and emissions.

Specifications Metric                                                          Imperial
Size Fits 60 cm x 40 cm RPCs
Film thickness 20 μ                                                              0.8 mil
Pieces per carton 1600                                                             1600
Packing carton size 495 x 394 x 152 mm                                  19.5″ x 15.5″ x 6″
Carton weight (net) 13.4 kg                                                          30 lbs
Cartons per pallet 54                                                                  54
Pallet weight (net) 724 kg                                                          1620 lbs

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Order with Convenience

Small MOQ

Order what you need, when you need it. Chantler Packaging’s Sealtite® RPC covers are made in-house and stocked. We can ship your order any time. Since they’re made in Toronto, anyone in North America will receive them faster than from overseas!

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Used by big RPC manufacturers

Growers and distributers

The Sealtite® RPC cover is supplied to various growers, distributers, and RPC manufacturers, including IFCO.

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