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Why use the Sealtite Carton Liner Solution?

Sealtite white carton liner

Our Sealtite® liners
save you money

The right thickness

Because they’re only as thick as they need to be, our carton liners are less expensive than old-fashioned carton liners.

Less waste

Old-fashioned carton liners come on a roll. At the bottom of the roll, you have to throw out liners that can’t be used. With our liners, you can use every carton liner in the box.

Less storage space

Our liners store in less space than old-fashioned carton liners. Every pallet in your warehouse costs you money to ship, store and move around. With our liners, you save space, so you save money.

Less running around

It’s awkward to move around the old-style liners on a heavy roll. You need two people, a cart or a forklift. And having somebody leave their workstation to tear off the liners they need before they can start working is a waste of time (so it’s a waste of money).
With our carton liners in a box, your team members just carry the box to where the liners are needed. When the box is empty, they can pick up another one.

Easier to keep track of

It’s hard to take inventory of carton liners on rolls. Once they are taken off the pallet, it’s anybody’s guess where they go and tracking back to a purchase order is not easy. With our carton liners, counting up the boxes and tallying the total is easy. Better inventory counts mean less chance of running out of liners when you need them.

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Our Sealtite® liners
are greener

Use less plastic

For a typical-sized carton liner, a company that uses 500000 liners per year will save 10523 kg of plastic every year. That’s the equivalent weight of eight compact cars!

Sealtite blue carton liner

8 cars

Achieve your sustainability scorecard goals

Because they use less material, and the material is very environmentally friendly, our carton liners reduce waste and emissions.

Sustainability Criteria Reduction with our liners
Solid waste -63%
CO2 emissions -62%
Water usage -90%
Energy use -62%
Values are measured at resin production stage (except solid waste). Source: PlasticsEurope (2014). High-density Polyethylene (HDPE), Low-density Polyethylene (LDPE), Liner Low-density Polyethylene (LLDPE) (Eco-profiles and Environmental Product Declarations of the European Plastics Manufacturers). Brussels. Retrieved from PlasticsEurope.

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Sealtite white carton liner with buns

Our Sealtite® liners
are cleaner

Carton liners on rolls are unsanitary

Unwinding carton liners from a roll on the floor will introduce dust and dirt into your product. Our carton liners come in a box (with a liner, naturally!) so they stay clean and protected until you need to use them.

Carton liners on rolls are unsafe

The reaching and pulling motion of tearing old-style carton liners off a roll is hard on the human body. If repeated too often, it can increase the risk of musculoskeletal disorders like repetitive strain injury.
Sometimes people use a stand to hold a roll of old-style carton liners. Too many of these stands are top-heavy and prone to falling over, potentially causing injury to workers and damage to equipment and product. And you never seem to have enough stands to do the job.

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Sealtite white carton liner with oranges

Our Sealtite® liners
are better

Easy to open

The worst part about using lousy carton liners is trying to open them up. Liners that are difficult to open up (aka “blocked”) slow your process down, and usually end up in the garbage rather than being put to use. The material our carton liners are made from is blocking-resistant, so our carton liners are quick and easy to open.

Better product protection

The main reason people use carton liners is to protect their product from moisture. The material our liners are made from is a better barrier to moisture (a.k.a. water vapour) – about twice as effective a barrier as the material junky liners are made from, even though our liners are thinner.

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